RECYCLING 101: Municipal Solid Waste & Recycling in New Hampshire Virtual Workshop

RECYCLING 101:  Municipal Solid Waste & Recycling in New Hampshire

What is the current state of municipal recycling and solid waste management in New Hampshire? 

What does the future hold for municipal budgets with respect to recycling and solid waste? 

Is recycling still worthwhile for New Hampshire municipalities?        

Join Reagan Bissonnette and Heather Herring of the Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA) for an in-depth workshop on solid waste, recycling, and waste reduction for NH municipalities.  Over 80% of New Hampshire’s towns and cities are members of NRRA, a recycling nonprofit that helps municipalities manage their own recycling programs.  The workshop will provide an introduction to municipal solid waste, recycling, and other waste reduction techniques, including composting and pay as you throw.  Attendees will learn about recycling markets, including recent changes during the pandemic, and how municipalities can make informed decisions to improve their recycling programs and reduce their costs.  To bring these concepts to life, the workshop will include case studies about plastic and glass recycling as well as specific examples for how other New Hampshire municipalities are successfully managing their recycling and solid waste.  

Reagan Bissonnette is the Executive Director of the NRRA, where she oversees all aspects of its' activities.

Heather Herring is a Member Services Representative at the NRRA, where she supports municipal members with cooperative marketing and purchasing and technical assistance.

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Duration:  2:51:30

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Thursday, April 22, 2021