New Hampshire Municipal Association (NHMA) membership is open to the cities and towns of New Hampshire. Membership entitles a municipality to participate in the development and adoption of NHMA legislative policy, and to receive the full range of services offered by NHMA, including:

  • Legal advisory services and access to the Legal Services hotline. NHMA attorneys are available to answer inquiries and provide general legal assistance to elected and appointed officials from member municipalities by email and telephone.
  • Access to Employment Law Hotline, a partnership with employment law experts at Drummond Woodsum through which any municipal member can seek a complimentary consultation on labor law matters.
  • Legislative advocacy activities, carrying out the member-adopted legislative policy positions.
  • Legislative Bulletin, published weekly during each legislative session along with a final end-of-session summary of all legislative enactments affecting member municipalities.
  • Free placement of classified advertisements for members on NHMA's website.
  • Town & City magazine, published six times each year, with articles on issues of interest to municipal members.
  • NewsLink, a bi-weekly electronic newsletter providing notice of current events and topics of concern to NHMA members.
  • Website access to resources such as court updates which summarize recent court decisions affecting municipalities; legal briefs; classified ads; current and archived editions of Town & City,and Legislative Bulletins; and financial information regarding audit procurement and financial policies.
  • Attendance at NHMA-sponsored workshops, including Local Officials workshops, Budget and Finance workshops, Moderators workshop, Local Welfare workshop, Municipal Law Lecture Series, biennial City Officials workshop, Right-To-Know Law workshops, and NHMA "On-Demand" presentations. (Fee charged for some workshops.)
  • Access to monthly NHMA webinars on seasonally-appropriate subjects.
  • Access to the NHMA Annual Conference, the largest yearly gathering of municipal officials and staff from across the state, featuring over 50 training sessions and more than 100 vendors.
  • Complimentary copy of NHMA publications including Knowing the Territory, A Guide to Open Government: New Hampshire's Right-to-Know Law, City and Town Councilors, Mayors, and Alderman Handbook (digital download only)Directory of Municipal Officials, Important Date Calendars/Posters (digital download too), and Legislative Policy Positions.  Additional copies (hard copy if available, or electronic copy) available for sale at member discounted prices.

Visit our Advocacy page for information on our legislative advocacy activities. Visit our Event & Training page for workshops, webinars, on-demand training opportunities and annual conference information. Visit our Resources page to see the Calendar of Events, available publications, Town & City, and classified ads.


Municipal membership dues are based upon municipal population and equalized valuation. In addition to municipal membership, NHMA offers associate membership to eligible local government entities including, village districts, utility districts, regional planning commissions or quasi-municipal public agencies serving municipalities, subject to the approval of and any terms as the NHMA Board of Directors may establish.

Membership inquiries should be directed to NHMA staff.

Member Services Plan

On June 14, 2019, NHMA's Board of Directors approved the Member Services Plan which outlines the programs, services and opportunities afforded to municipal members of the New Hampshire Municipal Association.