On-Demand Training

NHMA attorneys are available to travel upon request to NHMA member municipalities for on-demand training sessions. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • The Basic Law of Budgeting
  • Conflicts of Interest and Ethics for Local Officials
  • Effective Public Meetings
  • Discrimination Issues in the Workplace
  • Employment Law Overview
  • Everything You Wanted to Know about FMLA and FLSA But Were Afraid to Ask
  • ZBA Decision Making Process
  • Planning Board Roles and Responsibilities
  • The Recreation Commission
  • New Hampshire's Right-to-Know Law: RSA 91-A
    • Public Meetings
    • Governmental Records
    • Right-to-Know Law for Law Enforcement
  • A Hard Road to Travel: The Intersection of Land Use and Road Law
  • A Hard Road to Travel: Road Formation, Classification & Discontinuance
  • Roads: Liability, Regulation & Maintenance
  • Tax Deeding Workshop
  • Select Board and Town Manager: Roles, Responsibilities & Relationships
  • Select Board's Roles, Responsibilities & Relationships with Other Officials
  • The Art of Welfare Administration
  • Workshop for City and Town Councilors, Mayors and Aldermen
  • Getting to Know Library Statutes

Each presentation is approximately 2 hours in length. There is a $550.00 fee regardless of the number of attendees. (Member municipalities paying annual dues in excess of $15,000 are entitled to one free on-demand presentation per calendar year; subsequent presentations are subject to the $550.00 fee.) The municipality requesting a presentation will be billed and is responsible to NHMA for full payment. However, we encourage the requesting municipality to invite officials and employees from surrounding NHMA-member municipalities and to negotiate a cost-sharing arrangement with those other municipalities.

Virtual On-Demand!

We also offer, thanks to COVID-19, a Virtual On-Demand option.  Instead of having a legal services attorney travel to your city or town, we're now offering "On-Demands" as virtual presentations via the Teams or Zoom platform.  Attendees would log in to the training program from the comfort of their home or office and attend virtually, with the ability to ask live questions of the presenting attorney.  NHMA will offer this alternative method of training on a date and time that would be suitable for your board and staff, and you could always invite surrounding member municipalities to participate and contribute to the total cost.   The cost is only $350.00 ($400.00 in 2022). 

Please contact us at legalinquiries@nhmunicipal.org for more information! 

Here How It Works:  You select a topic from our list of On Demand presentations (see above for presentation topics) and one of our attorneys will either come to your municipality to present on that topic, or deliver the presentation virtually using Teams or Zoom, on a mutually-agreed date and time.  For an in-person presentation the cost is $550.  For a virtual presentation the cost is $400 in 2022.  Each presentation is two hours. 

This presentation can be for employees or officials of your municipality only, or you may invite officials from other NHMA member municipalities. You may also work with those municipalities to share in the total cost; however, the municipality requesting the presentation will be billed and is responsible to NHMA for full payment.

Please note that no Budget Law On Demand presentations are available from August 1 – October 30 due to our annual Budget and Finance workshops, and no On Demand presentations will be scheduled in November due to our annual conference.

To request a presentation, please send an email to legalinquiries@nhmunicipal.org. Please specify your municipality, the subject, and the general dates and time you desire for the presentation. Presentations may be during the day or in the evening, but specific dates are subject to NHMA staff availability. (Please note that some blackout dates may apply). It is also helpful to provide additional information about the intended audience and specific areas of concern so we can better prepare our presentation to meet your expectations.

Download a fillable PDF On-Demand order form.