Understanding New Hampshire Property Taxes

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According to its preface, this publication marks the third edition of the New Hampshire Assessing Board’s Understanding NH Property Taxes, also known as The Official New Hampshire Assessing Reference Manual.

This Manual is a product of the Assessing Standards Board manual sub-committee, as authorized by the Assessing Standards Board (ASB) and its former and current Chairperson Betsey Patten. The original charge was to create a manual that would be useful to the taxpayers and selectmen of New Hampshire. Much to our surprise and delight, it has become an often consulted reference with well over a thousand on-line hits every month. It has also become a useful, cited reference by our state Courts, as an authoritative text reflecting the assessing standards established by the statutory authority of the NH ASB.

Each chapter is written to be somewhat “freestanding” in order to make the manual as user friendly as possible. This accounts for a certain amount of repetition of topics and terminology. (Additional copies of the manual can be purchased in hardcopy or CD version for a fee by calling the New Hampshire Department of Revenue at (603) 230-5950 or downloading and printing at home the most recent version from the department website: https://www.revenue.nh.gov/mun-prop/property/index.htm