Guidance Documents

Each year, the Government Affairs Team follows hundreds of bills that affect our members.  As bills pass that require additional training and guidance for municipalities, the Government Affairs Team crafts training materials and guidance in conjunction with our state and local partners.

Please find below links to our most current guidance documents.

Guidance pertaining to HB 42 (homeowner's association dissolution); HB 252 (agriculture and noise ordinances); HB 296 (driveways and the fire code); SB 78 (surety bonding):

Changes to Planning & Zoning Laws in 2023:  A Joint Advisory of the New Hampshire Municipal Association and the New Hampshire Office of Planning and Development at the Department of Business and Economic Affairs (dated September 2023) 


Guidance pertaining to HB 321 (sealed meeting minutes):

Sealed Nonpublic Meeting Minutes Review Procedure (posted September 11, 2023)


 Guidance pertaining to municipal summary of adequacy aid:

September 1 FY 2024 Estimate, Municipal Summary of Adequacy Aid


 Guidance pertaining to HB 2 (SB 270) state aid to municipalities FAQ:

State Aid to Municipalities FAQ (HB 2/SB 70) dated August 15, 2023


Summary pertaining to New Hampshire State Budget (HB 1 & HB 2):

New Hampshire State Budget Summary (HB 1 & HB 2) posted September 2023