Financial Services

The New Hampshire Municipal Association provides finance information services to assist municipal officials and staff with understanding issues related to municipal finance operations. NHMA produces publications, workshops and online courses covering a variety of topics impacting financial operations, including accounting, auditing, budgeting, financial reporting, fraud prevention and detection, financial policies, internal controls, property taxation, and state and federal regulations.

Working closely with the New Hampshire Government Finance Officers Association, NHMA’s Government Finance Advisor develops programs and resources of interest to local finance officials to assist them in understanding and successfully performing their fiduciary responsibilities.

NHMA’s Government Finance Advisor tracks pending legislation and existing regulations that impact municipal finance operations. For more information about municipal finance matters, contact the NHMA Government Finance Advisor.

Learn more in 2020 State Aid Booklet.

Financial Policies

The adoption of financial policies provides a number of benefits to municipalities large and small. The adoption of financial policies helps to provide consistency, stability, and continuity in the financial operations of the town. Written policies provide a framework to guide and educate both newly elected officials in carrying out their fiduciary responsibilities and newly appointed staff in the conduct of their financial duties. The ability to rely on well-defined financial policies helps to resolve conflicts and avoid allegations of bias or favoritism. Additionally, the adoption of financial policies is just a good, sound business practice that fosters confidence in the fiscal operations of the municipality.

NHMA’s publication, Basic Financial Policies: A Guide for New Hampshire Cities and Towns, provides detailed explanations of the basic financial policies that municipalities should consider adopting. The publication is currently being updated with an anticipated release date of early 2022.