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NRRA, Your Friendly Neighborhood Non-Profit for Recycling Resources

The Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA) is the oldest and largest cooperative-model recycling nonprofit in the country. Located in Epsom, New Hampshire, NRRA works with 90% of New Hampshire communities, helping municipalities market their recyclable materials and providing ongoing education and technical assistance. While town officials and residents may have seen the NRRA name on the Environmental Impact Report often included in annual town reports, most don’t realize the additional NRRA benefits and resources available to municipal members.

Local Solutions to the State’s Housing Crisis Webinar Series: The Intersection of Development and Clean Water

This presentation will discuss the Town of Enfield’s efforts to provide additional opportunities for development while also balancing water quality issues.

  • Brandon Kernen, NH DES, Drinking Water & Groundwater Bureau Administrator
  • Rob Taylor, Town of Enfield, Land Use and Community Development Administrator

Closed Landfills in New Hampshire: A Long-term Liability for Municipalities

Closed landfills are a long-term liability for municipalities because they can create environmental and other problems that negatively impact residents and others. Landfill owners, including municipalities, are responsible for the costs to cleanup environmental contamination. Therefore, it is important that municipal officials are aware of the location and condition of all closed landfills in their community.

Advanced Recycling of Plastic – An Overview with Lessons from Other States

Advanced Recycling (AR), also called Chemical or Molecular Recycling, is an industrial process using chemicals and/or extreme heat (pyrolysis) to convert many kinds of plastic waste to fuel, plastic building blocks, or other chemicals. Operation details are not well known due to industrial secrecy laws. In contrast, more traditional mechanical recyclers use only a few types of plastic to shred and reshape into selected products. 

NHARPC Corner: Household Hazardous Waste Management

Regional planning commissions play a major role in organizing and carrying out household hazardous waste collections. Many events occur throughout the year around the state. Two of the most active regional planning commissions in carrying out hazardous household hazardous waste collections are Lakes Region Planning Commission and Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission.  The primary benefits to RPC membership communities are reduced cost, protection against illegal dumping, protected water resources along with the health and safety of the community.

New Hampshire Towns Pioneer Foam Recycling

The information contained in this article is not intended as legal advice and may no longer be accurate due to changes in the law. Consult NHMA’s legal services or your municipal attorney.

WIN WITH WATER: It’s a Dirty Job, But Someone’s Got to do it!

The information contained in this article is not intended as legal advice and may no longer be accurate due to changes in the law. Consult NHMA's legal services or your municipal attorney.

RECYCLING 101: Municipal Solid Waste & Recycling in New Hampshire Virtual Workshop

RECYCLING 101:  Municipal Solid Waste & Recycling in New Hampshire

What is the current state of municipal recycling and solid waste management in New Hampshire? 

What does the future hold for municipal budgets with respect to recycling and solid waste? 

Is recycling still worthwhile for New Hampshire municipalities?