2021 Town and School Moderators (SB 2 Meeting) Virtual Workshop

Attendees will receive an electronic copy of NHMA's 2020-2021 edition of Town Meeting and School Meeting Handbook along with a copy of the 2021 Supplement. Additional materials such as the PowerPoint presentation will also be distributed electronically. No print outs of the materials or hard copy of the publication will be provided.

Topics include:

How to Run an Annual Meeting During a Pandemic:

How to run a virtual annual meeting in a pandemic using HB 1129, which will address when and how to run a virtual series of information sessions by the governing body and then conducting a drive up voting session as a substitute for an SB 2 Deliberative session or traditional town meeting business session. Also, when and how to conduct an in-person annual meeting while still complying with CDC social distancing guidelines and State of New Hampshire mask wearing mandates.

The Basic Law of Town, Village District and School District Meeting:

In addition to these pandemic related topics, these workshops will also address the statutes governing the moderator’s duties at town, village district and school district meetings, and elections will be discussed along with issues related to warrant articles, the operating budget, secret ballot voting, polling place management, and other town meeting issues. These topics will be addressed in two concurrent sessions tailored for new and experienced moderators. Ample time will be devoted to questions and answers.

Strategies for Running a Smooth Meeting:

Moderators are faced with a challenging task: keeping meetings focused and fair to all participants, while effectively facilitating the flow of debate. This session will highlight suggested strategies for running respectful and efficient meetings, and polling places.

Sample Scenarios:

A series of sample scenarios will help attendees prepare for a wide range of meeting challenges.

Full Virtual Workshop Recording

Duration:  5:05:16


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Duration:  55:36

 Thank You for Joining Us for this Full-Day Virtual Workshop!

Workshop Date: 
Saturday, January 9, 2021