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Celebrating and Increasing Women Serving Our Towns and Cities

Women Serving in NH Cities and Towns

The New Hampshire Women’s Foundation celebrates the women serving their town and cities as elected officials amid so many challenges and opportunities. We celebrate the robust history of women in municipal office and we are grateful for the women stepping up to serve their communities now to build strong, vibrant communities.

2021 Local Officials Virtual Workshop

Presented by NHMA's Legal Services attorneys, these complimentary live virtual workshops provide municipal officials with the tools and information to effectively serve your communities. This workshop is tailored for new and experienced municipal officials.

LEGAL Q&A: Municipal Official vs Municipal Employee: What is the Difference & Does it Matter for Compensation & Personnel Policies?

At its core, the purpose of electing officials is to allow the voters to hold those they elect accountable for their actions while in office. If the voters do not like the job the elected representative is doing, they can choose to vote for someone else in the next election. If the voters are generally satisfied with the job performed, they will, presumably, reelect the incumbent.

2021 Town and School Moderators (SB 2 Meeting) Virtual Workshop

Attendees will receive an electronic copy of NHMA's 2020-2021 edition of Town Meeting and School Meeting Handbook along with a copy of the 2021 Supplement. Additional materials such as the PowerPoint presentation will also be distributed electronically. No print outs of the materials or hard copy of the publication will be provided.

Topics include:

How to Run an Annual Meeting During a Pandemic:

Special 2020 Election Readiness Webinar

The coronavirus pandemic is amplifying existing barriers to voting and election participation, impacting engagement in the election process.  This special 2-hour webinar addresses the range of challenges and issues faced by local election officials to protect the right to vote. 

I Recuse Myself

It is generally understood that a municipal official who has a conflict of interest in a specific situation is not supposed to participate in that matter.  What is less understood is how this process works and what is at stake in making that decision.


What is recusal?


Legal Q and A: The Selectmen's Authority 'To Manage the Prudential Affairs of the Town'

Parliamentary Procedure in Local Government

As a city manager with more than thirty years of service, city council meetings are a way of life. In the background of all governing body meetings are the rules of parliamentary procedure. Until I began a formal study of parliamentary procedure, I was in the dark about its origins, fundamental principles, and overall benefits.

This article will review the history of parliamentary procedure, its basic principles, and how using it correctly will benefit both governing body members and the public.

The 'Practice' of Public Service

Anyone reading this probably already knows that local government can be difficult, confusing, and sometimes frustrating. There are a lot of moving parts—departments, boards, officials, employees, and the various personalities of the people in all of those positions; laws, rules, and policies, which are constantly changing; financial pressure; political pressure. Everyone needs something right now, and it must be done correctly.