Preparing to Defend Against Today’s Cyber Threats Webinar

Broadcast Date: 
Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Why You Are a Target and What No Cost Cybersecurity Resources are Available to Help!

For a brief timeframe, many smaller municipalities felt insulated to cyber criminal activity. After all, who would target a town of 6,000 when there are 317 U.S. cities with populations over 100,000 and far more financial resources? The cyber threat environment has shifted, cyber criminals have become more opportunistic, and everyone is now a potential target.

Join Rick Rossi, Cybersecurity Advisor with the US Department of Homeland Security; Cori Casey, Risk Management Consultant with Primex3; Gerard Wallace, Security Specialist with the NH Department of Information Technology; and, Timothy Benitez. Resident Agent in Charge with the US Secret Service, who will review no cost cybersecurity resources available to build cyber resilience, strengthen defenses, and ultimately help make you a hard target.

Below are links provided by NHDOIT's Jerry Wallace:

ESF-17 (emergency support function)

IAC (information and analysis center)

IAC Bulleting sign up

NH Infragard link

Below are links provided by CISA's Rick Rossi:

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