TECH INSIGHTS: Water Supply Attack Illustrates Security Lessons for Municipalities

During the first week of February in Oldsmar, Florida, a hacker tried to poison the city’s water supply by increasing the amount of lye to dangerous levels. While the city fended off the attack, it’s still scary to contemplate what hackers can potentially do in 2021.

TECH INSIGHTS: IT Budgeting: Top Six Mistakes When Cutting IT Costs

A study in late 2019 found that 44% of organizations planned to increase IT spending in 2020. But with COVID-19 and a disrupted economy, many have changed that plan to cut costs. Does that sound familiar?

Cyberinfrastructure Projects in New Hampshire

In the last issue of this magazine, we presented an overview of two NH projects that focus on keeping New Hampshire competitive in the economic marketplace by helping to expand broadband availability and use in the state. Both projects were funded by the US Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and managed by the University of New Hampshire.

Cyberinfrastructure Projects in New Hampshire

Cyberinfrastructure refers to the suite of tools, resources and knowledgeable personnel that, when connected together, makes possible advances in nearly every aspect of life. Because it is so critical to our human capacity to do more, our collective investment in cyberinfrastructure is a national priority.