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Informational Webinar on New Federal Incentives for Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy

 Join us for this informational session hosted by the office of U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen and the New Hampshire Municipal Association (NHMA) to learn more about new federal incentives for energy efficiency and clean energy in the Inflation Reduction Act that was signed into law in August 2022.

Join your host, NHMA's Government Finance Advisor Katherine Heck, and Senator Shaheen's team of experts who will review the tax incentives, rebates and other investments to build a cleaner energy economy and lower energy costs for families, business and communities.

"All Work” Maury Collins Recognized for his Volunteer Service to the Town of Nelson

Should you be traveling along the backroads in Nelson, Hancock or Peterborough where pastures and hayfields abound and see an august gentleman astride a bizarre looking tractor, stop to say hello.

Maury Collins

Maury Collins, inventor and owner of his “WORKALL TRACTOR” always welcomes inquiries, be it about his unique multi-purpose invention, the ups and downs of the weather, directions to local events or just to talk.

NLC REPORT: An Overview of Homeless Encampments for City Leaders

Without sufficient resources to shelter and house the growing population of unhoused people, the number of encampments has grown in cities nationwide. Community responses to encampments varies and is dependent upon competing priorities of a diverse group of stakeholders, including encampment residents, business owners, public health and safety officials, community residents and advocates.

Recovering from Procedural Errors at Town Meeting

One of those things that will keep a municipal official or administrator awake at night is the fear of a procedural mistake during the time leading up to, during or immediately after a town meeting. Such a mistake could undo months or even years of work in preparing an important local ordinance, zoning change, collective bargaining agreement or bonded capital project for the voters. If the mistake requires going back to the voters again, there is always a possibility that the result once obtained could be reversed.

Is Your Community Talking about Housing?

Across the state, folks are talking about the impact of New Hampshire’s housing crisis. Renters are struggling to compete for the small number of available units, prospective homebuyers are being priced out of the market, young people are unable to put down roots, older residents are stuck in too-large homes, and employers are challenged to recruit and retain a qualified workforce. The effects of the housing market touch all of us.

HR REPORT: Employment Law Hotline: Maternity Leave

Drummond Woodsum partners with the New Hampshire Municipal Association to provide a free Employment Law Hotline service, which provides general employment law advice to NHMA members.  We receive a number of recurring inquiries through the hotline.  The Q&A below is part of a running series in which we highlight frequently asked questions.

LEGAL Q&A: That Time of Year Again: Common Budgeting FAQs

It is that time of year again when municipalities are getting started with the budgeting process for the upcoming town meeting. Whether you are an SB2 town, traditional town meeting town or have an Official Budget Committee, certain questions tend to pop up every year that need answering. In this issue’s Legal Q&A, we have complied some of the more common/interesting budget related questions the legal inquiries team here at NHMA have received over the past few weeks with the hopes that if other municipalities are dealing with similar issues, these responses may help solve them.

Executive Director Message

Happy New Year! The start of another year means the start of another legislative session; and the start of an odd numbered year means it’s a state budget year! Although the budget is technically only two pieces of legislation—HB 1 (the budget) and HB 2 (the budget trailer bill)—it is more like dozens of pieces of legislation, since the budget contains scores of initiatives, programs, and proposed new laws.

Compromise Not an Option: Beat Criminals at Their Own Game Through People, Process, and Technology

In today's ever-evolving cyber landscape, safeguarding information and proactively addressing potential threats to a municipality and the community it serves are top priorities. Over the last two years, attackers were quick to adapt to and exploit new technology and WFH requirements, targeting relief programs and disrupting payment flows. Moreover, threat actors have increasingly abused inherent trust in system connectivity, privilege, and access, and identity continues to be a sought-after commodity.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Workplace Possibilities

The City of Colorado Springs has been actively working in the field of equity, diversity and inclusion for many years, and recently, like many other cities, has made a commitment to continue to enhance its efforts in the field. Under the current leadership of Mayor John Suthers and Chief of Staff Jeff Greene, the City of Colorado Springs has not only made equity, diversity and inclusion a priority for the organization, but it has also made it an integrated business practice.