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NHARPC CORNER: Sidewalk Planning

Is your Select Board or Planning Board hearing more from residents about desire for safe pedestrian accommodation than in years past? The COVID-19 pandemic has led more people in New Hampshire and around the country to seek their exercise outdoors, in some cases leading to a realization that they don’t feel as comfortable walking on local roadways as they’d like.

NHARPC CORNER: True or False: Debunking Common Master Plan Myths

There are many common statements made about master plans, but have you ever wondered what’s true and what isn’t? For example, do master plans really need to be updated every 5 years? Do master plans serve as legal documents? Does my community need a master plan to adopt a zoning ordinance? Whether you’re new to master planning or just interested in learning more, we hope this information is helpful and gives you a better understanding on common myths regarding master plans in New Hampshire.

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Q: Is there a State of New Hampshire Comprehensive Plan?