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2022 Legislative Preview: Time to Raise Your Hometown Voices

State House Report

And so, we begin the second year of the two-year legislative term. It’s early yet but having now digested the bill titles that were released in the fall, it’s fair to say that it’s shaping up to be a session very similar to last year. Once again, we can expect to be on the defensive throughout the 2022 term. There are a few bills of particular note on that front:

2021 Legislative Update: What A Year It Has Been!

What a year it has been. The turnaround from January to June has been quite remarkable, and I don’t just mean with the pandemic.

State House Report: It’s Down to the Wire


State House Report

Executive Director Message

Our unusual 2021 legislative session will come to an end very soon; in fact, by the time you are reading this issue of Town & City, the session will be over, and we are hopeful the state budget will have been adopted and signed by the governor. From June 10 – 17, many bills will go to a Committee of Conference, including the state budget (HB 1) and the state budget trailer bill (HB 2). The official end date of the session this year is June 24.

Legislative Halftime 2021: A Strange and Difficult Year

It’s no surprise that the 2021 legislative session has been a strange one. The pandemic has necessitated social distancing measures, meaning that in-person meetings and lobbying haven’t occurred. Instead, NHMA’s staff has spent hours on Zoom, Teams, and YouTube speaking with legislators and allies, and watching the legislature hold committee hearings and sessions. These have stretched to five days a week, despite few House or Senate sessions being scheduled; and we’ve probably been busier than ever switching from hearing to hearing.

2021 Legislative Half-time Report

It's legislative half-time and time for teams to swap ends of the field of play.

Join Executive Director Margaret M.L. Byrnes, Government Affairs Counsel Cordell Johnston, Municipal Services Counsel Natch Greyes, and Government Finance Advisor Becky Benvenuti for a look at the status of legislation affecting municipalities after "Crossover." Crossover is the date by which a bill must pass either the House or the Senate in order to "cross-over" to the other chamber for consideration.

The 2021 Legislative Session

After a bit of a delay, the legislature is finally in full swing and things are a bit different this year. As of this writing, those of us wishing to testify are no longer required to trek up several flights of stairs. Instead, we’re merely required to trek to a room with a suitable background to Zoom-in.

State House

2021 Legislative Preview: Get Ready to Advocate!

Despite facing a pandemic that is far from resolved, the New Hampshire General Court begins not only wrestling with hundreds of bills but also on how best to conduct in-person and/or remote hearings.  It’s also that time of year, again, when legislators need to hear from local officials about the concerns of municipalities.

Virtual Town Meetings are More Efficient and Increase Participation

Dean Editorial

While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a test of the United States’ public health response capability, it has also been a time where City and Town governments have had to adjust and rethink their meeting structures in ways it never has before. 

Legislative Efforts Bear Fruit

When NHMA members think about the benefits they receive for their dues, they tend to focus on the legal services, the many training opportunities for local officials, and publications like Town and City. All of those are important, of course, but another very large part of the equation is the legislative advocacy that profoundly influences state laws affecting municipalities.