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NHARPC REPORT: RPCs Use SADES Modules to Assist Towns in Assessment of Roadways, Culverts, and Sidewalks

Road Surface Management System

Local roads are among the largest infrastructure investments for many New Hampshire communities. Road Surface Management System (RSMS) is one module of the Statewide Asset Data Exchange System or SADES. Regional Planning Commissions (RPCs) can work with municipalities to assess and map current pavement conditions and model pavement lifespan/degradation using SADES.

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Parks and Recreation Departments are the Fabric of our Communities

It was 1982 in Keene, New Hampshire and another hot July day. I had ridden my bike through the park on my way to the neighborhood pool, where my friends and I often went to cool down and perfect our cannonballs. As I was waiting in line for the diving board, a large coach bus pulled into the parking lot, which I remember was unusually full for it being the middle of the day. The doors swung open and I was suddenly having my first experience seeing children of a different color as they got off the bus. I found it a bit weird and that night I asked my Mom what was happening.

Overview of Treasury’s Final Rule and Reporting Portal Training Webinar

Treasury’s final rule for ARPA funds becomes effective on April 1st and the first report for NEU’s quickly follows on April 30th. As an “NEU,” once a year, you are required to submit Project and Expenditure reports, which includes project, obligation, and expenditure data, project demographics, subaward data, required programmatic data, and Civil Right compliance information. The first reporting deadline for NEUs is April 30, 2022, and covers the period between March 3, 2021 and March 31, 2022.

Four Considerations That Will Impact Your Next Infrastructure Project

When Kyle Fox, Public Works Director for the Town of Merrimack, sought to address damage from the 2007 Mother’s Day flood, he understood at its onset that this would be a complex job and approached Quantum Construction Consultants, LLC (QCC), a civil and structural engineering firm based in Concord, NH, about the Town’s options.

Grassroots Campaign Launched in Concern of Being Left Out:Started with a Cup of Coffee and Has Evolved into a 19-Town Coalition Seeking Internet Access and Equity

Early in the winter of 2019 fellow Albany resident SteveKnox and I started talking about how important the availability of high speed fiber optic affordable internet service is to the continued health of our community, and what could we do to ensure our region did not get left out as internet service providers (ISP) build out ever-faster networks in more urban and populated areas.

Orford Takes Stock of Community Facility and Infrastructure Needs

The Town of Orford, New Hampshire (Pop. 1,237) is situated along the Connecticut River approximately 20 miles north of the Town of Hanover. In many ways, Orford is a quintessential rural New England town. The town has a rich agricultural history and features some of the finest federal-style architecture in New Hampshire. Like many rural New Hampshire communities, Orford’s residents have long relied on each other to “get things done” in a spirit of pragmatic Yankee volunteerism.