2022 Municipal Land Use Law Virtual Conference

9:00 – 9:10 Introduction (NHMA)

9:10 – 10:20

Housing Appeals Board Update

Established in 2020, the Housing Appeals Board is tasked by statue with hearing appeals from local land use board decisions concerning questions of housing and housing development. This session will provide a practical overview of the Board and its operations and will discuss several recent decisions.

Michael Klass, NH Housing Appeals Board Member


Duration:  1:19:21

10:20 – 12:20  (Concurrent Sessions)

 Zoning 101

This session will first review the history and purpose of zoning, the legal basis for it in NH state statute (RSAs) and then delve into the nuts and bolts that make up a traditional zoning ordinance including definitions, the table of permitted uses, and dimensional requirements. This session will also discuss the relationship between zoning ordinances and zoning maps as well as other land use regulations and the process for amending zoning. Finally, this session will address state preemptions of zoning/local control of land use and how zoning fits into the larger state and federal land use regulatory framework.

Jennifer R. Gilbert, Director, NH Office of Planning & Development (jennifer.r.gilbert@livefree.nh.gov)

Noah D. Hodgetts, Principal Planner, NH Office of Planning & Development (noah.d.hodgetts@livefree.nh.gov)

Stephanie. N. Verdile, Principal Planner, NH Office of Planning & Development (stephanie.n.verdile@livefree.nh.gov)


Duration:  1:47:29

Legal Update

This session will review recently enacted legislation that affects the responsibilities and authority of municipal planning and zoning boards.  Recent New Hampshire Supreme Court and Housing Appeals Board decisions involving land use issues and the impact they have on municipal planning and zoning will also be discussed.  Participant questions are strongly encouraged!

Ben Frost, AICP, Deputy Executive Director, Chief Legal Officer,  NH Housing


Duration: 2:00:38

Planning Board Procedures 101

Heather Shank, City Planner, City of Concord

Matt Monahan, Principal Planner, CNHRPC


Duration: 1:49:24

12:20 – 1pm Lunch

1pm – 3pm (Concurrent Sessions)

 ZBA Decision Making Process

Christine Fillmore, DrummondWoodsum

Cordell Johnston, Esquire

You’ve notified abutters, held the public hearing, heard hours of testimony, and now it’s time to make a decision. What do you do? Do you need to decide right then and there? What if you only have four members present? Can there be conditions of approval? Do you vote on each of the criteria separately? Do you need to vote on anything at all? If these and other questions have plagued your ZBA, this session is for you.


Duration:  2:00:59

Afternoon of the Living Cases: Older Supreme Court Decision Still Haunting ZBA’s   and Planning Boards.

Attorneys Spector-Morgan and Boldt will review some “old skeletons” of NH Supreme    Court Decisions that are of import to Planning Boards and ZBA’s, respectively.  Ample time for will be provided.

Chris Boldt, DTC Lawyers

Laura Spector-Morgan, Mitchell Municipal Law


Duration: 1:58:06

Meeting Mechanics for Land Use Boards

Tim Corwin, City of Lebanon

Shawn Tanguay, Drummond Woodsum

Appropriate for beginning members, seasoned veterans, as well as land use administrators, this session will provide an overview on the mechanics of a land use board meeting.  Discussion will touch on requirements for legal notice, meeting procedure and conduct, conflicts of interest, Right-to-Know issues, and more.


Duration:  2:01:08

3pm - End


Workshop Date: 
Saturday, October 15, 2022