REGISTRATION OPEN: Roadmap to Decarbonization Webinar

Tuesday, October 17, 2023 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm


The path to decarbonization is unique for each city or town.

In this webinar, experts Bridget Harmon, Energy & Renewables Consultant, and Tom Dyer, Senior Director of Procurement and Analysis with Usource, a NextEra Energy Company, will discuss how your municipality can create an individualized sustainability plan with the help of renewable energy experts.

Whether your city or town is just starting out on your decarbonization journey or well on your way, this webinar will enable you to get there strategically while creating value. Our experts will cover sustainability plan implementation, best practices, as well as the many possible pathways to helping your community achieve a low-carbon footprint.

This webinar contains information and content supplied by third parties and may include promoting or selling services or goods. The information provided by presenters in this webinar does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by NHMA, nor do we endorse the views they express of the products/services they offer. It is your responsibility to verify and investigate providers and services.