The Academy of Good Governance (Managing Your Public Entity's Liability Risk)

Wednesday, October 19, 2022 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Managing Your Public Entity’s Liability Risk (Virtual - online course)

This session explores those risks associated with situations you frequently encounter through managing your daily operations, such as the use of volunteers and use of your public facilities. The goal of this interactive session is to share best practices and preventive measures so that you oversee your operations in an environment that encourages proactive management of risk and overall safety.

Presented by: Monica Panait, Risk Management Services Manager, Primex

Monica Panait has been with Primex3 since 2001. She holds a leading role in the Risk Management Services department, supervising and mentoring risk management consultants and other staff in conjunction with the Director of Risk Management.

She continues to work with Primex3 school and county members to address their training, consulting and risk management needs. Monica holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a major in Marketing and has earned the Certified Risk Manager (CRM) and Certified School Risk Manager (CSRM) designations through the National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research. She has also earned the Program in General Insurance (INS) certification through the American Institute for CPCU and Insurance Institute of America.

Her areas of expertise include loss mitigation in conjunction with the development of a risk management plan, advising regarding complex liability issues, reinsurance negotiation and placement, training development and delivery, and playground safety. 

The Academy for Good Governance is a series of six courses, with a newly added seventh course, created by NHMA and Primex, exclusively for elected governing body members (select board, town council, city council, board of aldermen, school board, and village district commissioners). Courses are taught by experienced attorneys and staff from NHMA, Primex, HealthTrust, and the New Hampshire School Boards Association (NHSBA). Attendees will receive education and training intended to make them more knowledgeable and effective in their governing body roles.

Attendance at the Academy is free and open to governing body members from municipalities and school districts that are members of NHMA, Primex and NHSBA.

Attendees must attend all six courses to receive a Certificate of Completion.

If you have any questions related to attending The Academy this year, please call NHMA's Event Coordinator, Ashley Methot, at 603.230.3350 or email her at