Professional Assessing Services

The Town of Lancaster (the “Town”) seeks the proposals for professional assessing services for one (1) and three (3) year period to begin April 1, 2021. The Town has 2242 parcels of which 1864 are residential, 275 are commercial, 8 are utility and 95 are exempt/non-taxable. There are approximately 1400 improved parcels and 600 parcels in current use. The town currently utilizes Avitar Associates Assessing and Tax billing systems. The town is scheduled for certification by the New Hampshire Department of Revenue in 2023.

Interested assessment companies or individuals (the “Bidder”) are invited to submit proposals that shall include the following services:

• Annual field pick-up work, both new construction and renovations.
• Continuation of a cyclical review of all taxable and tax-exempt properties, including a review of current use properties for the 2023 revaluation.
• Photograph all reviewed properties.
• Minimum of four (4) day (days) per month in the Selectman’s Office for taxpayer meetings, abatement research and other routine assessing tasks. This would be in addition to the field work.
• The company shall identify all deeds and mortgage and transfer of ownership with the county registry and update in the assessing system and cross index cards.
• Assess Land Use Change Tax.
• Review all local abatement applications and provide a written recommendation to the town for appeals generated from the previous year.
• Act as the assessing agent for the Board of Selectman in abatement appeals with the Board of Tax & Land Appeals or the Superior Court.
• Meet and work with the DRA monitors to ensure the Town is satisfying all State Assessment Review requirements.
• Review new exemption applications (excluding elderly and other administrative exemptions and credits)

• Review property sales throughout the year, including preparing the verification form and complete the annual DRA Equalization Ratio Study via the online Portal.
• Tax Map Updates
• 911 Numbering / Street Numbering
• Make all recommendations to the Board of Selectman or their representative in writing.

The proposal shall also include the qualifications of the individuals that would be assigned to the Town.

The town reserves the right to reject any or all proposals or to accept the proposal the Town deems to be in the best interest of Town, regardless of the lowest bid amount. The town of Lancaster reserves the right to request additional data or information or a presentation in the support of written proposals. However, the Town may award a contract based on the offers received, without additional submissions. The proposal should be submitted on the most favorable terms, from all aspects, which the Bidder can submit. Please include a list of current clients and or references.

Copies of the proposal to be submitted no later than March 1, 2021 at noon to the Town Manager, 25 Main Street, Lancaster, NH 03584. Any questions can be directed to the Town Manager at 603-788-3391.

Town of Lancaster
Request for Proposal
Close Date: 
Monday, March 1, 2021