Cable Operator 1

This individual will work as part of a small team to help in recording content that is of benefit to the Town of Newton. This individual will perform a majority of the recording of the content that consists of mostly meetings at the Town Hall. Other recording opportunities (such as parades and other town functions) may be asked of this person. Once the filming is performed, placing the recording onto the cable station and scheduling it to run finishes the recording process. All training is provided.

This individual will be responsible for grasping the equipment information by means of a step-by-step guide. This individual will also be responsible for occasional trouble shooting, with guidance and assistance, of situations where thinking of solutions will be required, so the ability to think on one’s feet is desired.

 Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Desired

The ability to follow step-by-step directions and adhere to a schedule are must haves. The ability to use a computer is also a requirement. No highly-technical requirements are necessary as all training will be provided. Courteous behavior and proper business casual attire is expected.

 Physical Exertion and Environmental Conditions

The individual will spend most of the time indoors in an office setting. Individual will be required to sit for extended periods of time while the meetings are in progress, standing will be required to collect equipment used during recording and store it properly. The use of hands to type, record and switch equipment on/off is required. The individual will also have to monitor the sound source and visual inputs from recording software. Equipment will all weigh less than 5 pounds generally and no more than 25 pounds.

 Interested applicants should fill out an application or send a letter of interest and/or resume to the Board of Selectmen, 2 Town Hall Road, Newton, NH 03858 or email to  Applications will be taken until the position is filled.

Town of Newton
Close Date: 
Monday, September 30, 2024
Based on Experience