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What Can Your RPC Do For You?

The nine New Hampshire regional planning commissions collectively authored the following series of snapshots to illustrate the many ways in which they can support your local planning needs.



The primary role of a Regional Planning Commission (RPC) is to support local municipalities in their planning and community development responsibilities. This is done in a variety of ways such as:

Status Update on "Delayed and Deferred" State Aid Grant Projects

In November 2008, funding for state aid grants (SAG), including landfill closures, public drinking water and wastewater facilities, was suspended by the legislature resulting in a backlog of 127 eligible and completed projects which did not receive any state support in fiscal years 2009-2013. Historically, the legislature has supported these public works projects (pursuant to RSA 486, RSA 486-A and RSA 149-M) for municipalities to receive from 20% to 30% of grant assistance toward principal and interest payments on eligible environmental infrastructure projects.