risk management

Compromise Not an Option: Beat Criminals at Their Own Game Through People, Process, and Technology

In today's ever-evolving cyber landscape, safeguarding information and proactively addressing potential threats to a municipality and the community it serves are top priorities. Over the last two years, attackers were quick to adapt to and exploit new technology and WFH requirements, targeting relief programs and disrupting payment flows. Moreover, threat actors have increasingly abused inherent trust in system connectivity, privilege, and access, and identity continues to be a sought-after commodity.

Academy for Good Governance: Managing Your Public Entity's Liability Risk

Monica Panait, Risk Management Services Manager with Primex3, leads a discussion regarding volunteers, facilities and agreements to better assist municipal officials in managing their public entity's liability risk. 

This is the fourth course in the 2020 Academy for Good Governance series.

Pay Attention: Traffic Work Zone Safety for Employees

Safe and efficient movement of traffic through a work zone is a primary concern for municipal public works agencies. As traffic continues to increase across New Hampshire, worker safety during road improvement projects is a top priority. The need for standardized control is especially critical when the abnormal conditions of a temporary traffic control zone make travel hazardous for the motoring public and pedestrians.

What is the Mountain of Demonstrations?

Looking for new ways to improve your public works department operational efficiency? Take a trip to Gunstock Mountain on May 23, 2013 to attend the Mountain of Demonstrations, hosted by the New Hampshire Road Agents Association.

Pool and Beach Openings Call for ‘Safety First’

Summer is still a few months off. But it’s not too early for aquatic facilities directors to start thinking about how to keep pool and beach patrons safe.

Your first order of business should be the warning sign.

Bond Coverage for Public Employees: What Every Government Entity Needs to Know

On a fairly regular basis you can read a newspaper article or watch a television news report documenting an account of misappropriation of a private employer's money by one of his or her own employees. Sometimes these accounts involve small amounts of money. At other times, they involve significant amounts used by employees to take expensive trips or to purchase luxurious vacation homes, all on the employer's dime. This also happens in the public sector, but probably less frequently.

Two-Year Project Now a Reality: Local Government Center's Police Model Policy Manual

By Butch Burbank

Consider the following scenario:

Lifeguards, Beaches and Pools: How to Ensure Your Summer Services are Successful

By Kerry Horne

The pools are all drained, the lakes are frozen and most of us are longing for the warm, lazy days of summer. If you are a recreation director or a pool or water front supervisor, you are probably knee deep in updating your aquatic policies, rules and regulations as well as hiring lifeguards to gear up for another busy swimming season.

Workers' Compensation Program Improvements: Looking Back and Ahead

By Ron Davies

New Hampshire Local Government Center (LGC) Property-Liability Trust's Workers' Compensation Program completed nine months of handling claims in-house in September. Since taking over claims administration from our previous Third Party Administrator (TPA), the following has been accomplished:

Fitting In: Industrial Ergonomics for Municipalities

The U.S. Department of Labor defines ergonomics as the science of "fitting workplace conditions and job demands to the capabilities of the working population." Effective and successful fits assure high productivity, avoidance of illness and injury risks and increased satisfaction among the workforce.

The goal of a successful ergonomics program is to decrease injuries by reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. Common examples of musculoskeletal disorders include muscle strains along with back, shoulder, leg, arm and hand injuries.