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Top COVID-19-Related Legal Inquiries

The NHMA Legal Advisory Service kicked into high gear on March 13th in response to member inquiries related to the pandemic.  In order to facilitate our response we created a new category for our legal inquiry data base, “COVID-19 coronavirus”, where we store all inquiries, telephone and email, and our responses.  Like the pandemic itself, questions from our members surged 30% in March, April, May and June and have now settled back to a more normal level.  Thanks to a gifted and dedicated team of attorneys, Natch Greyes, Cordell Johnston and Executive Director Margaret Byrnes

Guide to NHMA Legal Services – An FAQ

The New Hampshire Municipal Association provides legal services through its Executive Director Margaret M.L. Byrnes (as of January 2, 2019) and its Legal Services Counsel Stephen C. Buckley. The main job of the Legal Services Department is giving general legal assistance to NHMA’s member towns, cities, and village districts. We prepare articles, handbooks, seminars, and other educational programs and publications. We will also answer your specific legal inquiries. But there are limits.