Legislative Update to RSA 128: Town Health Officers

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2021 A Guide to Effective Code Enforcement Virtual Workshop

Building inspectors, code enforcement officers, fire chiefs, health inspectors, and various other municipal officials are responsible for the enforcement of a variety of codes, regulations, and ordinances related to the use of land. These include both local regulations, such as zoning ordinances, site plan and subdivision regulations, health regulations, and the conditions of approval that accompany many land use board approvals, as well as state law, such as the State Building and Fire Code and statutes governing junkyards.

Fostering Greener Yards: A Look at the State's Motor Vehicle Salvage Yard Program

Since 1965, all municipalities in New Hampshire have had the responsibility to license automotive recycling facilities, also known as junkyards, at the local level.  This responsibility is contained in RSA Chapter 236 sections 111 through 129.  It applies to all municipalities, whether or not there is a local zoning ordinance.