Pursuing Racial Equity Through Intentional Community Engagement

One year after George Floyd’s murder sparked a national conversation about policing and race and millions worldwide to march in the streets in opposition to police violence, local leaders have responded. In the last year, the National League of Cities have helped local elected officials and their communities to pursue anti-racist policies and programs not only on public safety but in several policy areas.  

NLC REPORT: Leaders Who Authentically Embrace Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Believe These 8 Things

Everywhere you turn, organizations are posting diversity statements on their websites and hiring leaders to oversee diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. But “diversity, equity and inclusion” (DE&I) is not a corporate buzz phrase or leadership trend; it represents the non-negotiable pillars on which strong cultures must be built. Here are eight things that leaders who authentically embrace diversity, equity and inclusion believe.

Celebrating and Increasing Women Serving Our Towns and Cities

Women Serving in NH Cities and Towns

The New Hampshire Women’s Foundation celebrates the women serving their town and cities as elected officials amid so many challenges and opportunities. We celebrate the robust history of women in municipal office and we are grateful for the women stepping up to serve their communities now to build strong, vibrant communities.

Recruiting a More Diverse Fire Service

My grandmother was born in the 1940s, but it wasn’t until the year 2014, at the age of 73, that she was recruited into the fire service as a member of Fire Corps. She will tell you that during her youth, having women in the fire service was something that was not culturally promoted or accepted. Fortunately, we have come a long way since my grandma’s youth. Women are not only serving on the frontlines, but they have also successfully climbed the ranks to leadership positions.