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Budgeting for Impact: Factoring Inflation into the Budget Process Webinar

Today’s high and ever-increasing inflation rate may create uncertainty and have serious implications for municipal revenue and expenditures forecasting as local governments are under considerable pressure to relate their spending and taxation levels to cost inflation.

A Message from NHMA

A message from NHMA

Summer days may linger into September, but here at NHMA, we are ready to get back to business!  The fall is our busiest time for member workshops and training programs, as staff have been planning and preparing over the summer to get them all ready.

2021 Local Officials Workshop

Presented by NHMA's Legal Services attorneys, these complimentary live virtual workshops provide municipal officials with the tools and information to effectively serve your communities.  This workshop is tailored for new and experienced municipal officials. 

How We Fund Our Public Services in New Hampshire

The property tax system is the primary method of financing local governments in New Hampshire, while State tax revenues come from a wide variety of sources.  Unfortunately, New Hampshire’s tax system fails to meet at least two critical criteria for evaluating state tax systems – it neither generates revenue in an equitable manner nor does it yield an amount of revenue adequate for maintaining essential public services.

Legal Q&A: The Critical Role of Department Heads in Municipal Budgeting

If you asked a person with very little knowledge about municipal budgeting what a budget should look like, they might say it would be a good idea to have a budget that allows the governing body to provide (a) the right goods, services, and human resources (b) at the right time (c) in a way that meets all applicable laws and makes sense for the community, (d) that the town or city can afford. That person would be right. If you really think about it, that’s the goal we all hope to achieve in the end.