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Navigating the Solar Development Landscape Webinar

Join NHMA and NH Association of Counties for a discussion around solar development and how to develop a project at the municipal and county level.  Hear from subject matter experts who can help answer your questions about solar development challenges and issues in New Hampshire.

Webinar lead by:  Amy Manzellia, Esq. of BCM Environmental & Land Law and Maureen Callahan and Steve Birndorf of USource.


NHARPC CORNER: Regional Planning Commissions (RPCs) and Recreation Planning

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The primary role of a Regional Planning Commission (RPC) is to support local municipalities in their planning and community development responsibilities. This is done in a variety of ways such as:

Planning a Municipal Multi-Purpose Athletic Complex

Expanding or renovating an athletic complex is never easy. The decision to proceed is often determined by others—or from various sources—and your task may be to help make the project come together. Many of the decisions will involve a variety of stakeholders, some of whom will be inconvenienced by the work, some who will be very involved and passionate, and others who will be less involved than you would like them to be.

Municipal Asset Vulnerability and Climate Resiliency Considerations when Developing Your CIP

Municipal Assets

Infrastructures in the United States provide critical services to the general population, from drinking water and wastewater treatment to transportation, electricity, and municipal buildings such as schools, public works, safety complexes, and town offices. These systems are composed of myriad elements, generally termed assets, which are owned, operated, and maintained by federal, state, and local municipal governments.

Infrastructure Management and Capital Planning through Risk Management

An important part of governing a municipality is to track the condition and budget for the maintenance and improvement of the infrastructure. Technology can be used to improve operational efficiency, planning and budgeting in many areas. Citizens and municipal employees can participate in the process of maintaining and improving the infrastructure using their internet enabled devices, such as tablets and smart phones, combined with web accessible asset management and work order software, to improve municipal operations and budgeting.