Upcoming Webinar: Learn More About NHDES's Safetank Program

Wednesday, March 25, 2020 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Oil Tank

The Safetank Program, administered by the NH Department of Environmental Services (NHDES), is available to income-qualified homeowners in New Hampshire to upgrade or replace their heating oil storage tank systems, also known as OPUFs (on-premise-use fuel oil tanks).  OPUFs are indoor, outdoor or underground tank systems that are not subject to NHDES regulations but can pose a significant risk to public health and the environment if a release from these tank systems were to occur. By replacing old or aging tanks before a release to the environment can occur, the Safetank program is an important tool in reducing the number of fuel oil leaks that result in environmental contamination, and potentially significant cleanup costs.  New systems are subject to NHDES installation and upgrading compliance standards to help prevent future leaks, as a condition for receiving state funding assistance.

Come learn from Erik Paddleford, Project Manager in NHDES’ Oil Remediation and Compliance Bureau, who will review the Safetank income qualifications and application process, system replacements and upgrades, and best management practices required on new tank installations.  Help inform residents in your city and town about the available funding and overall process for tank upgrade or replacement.