Industrial Pre-Treatment Coordinator

This position is responsible for coordinating the industrial pretreatment program for the Water Reclamation Division of the Department of Public Works and serves as the designated back-up operator for the Water Reclamation Facility in the Superintendent’s absence.

  • Designated back up operator for facility in Superintendent’s absence.
  • Administers, modifies and manages the town’s industrial pretreatment program in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.
  • Assists in the development, revision and enforcement of the Sewer Use Ordinance and the inter-municipal agreement.
  • Administers and modifies the fats, oils and grease program.
  • Performs inspections; issues notices of violations.
  • Writes, administers, and enforces Industrial Discharge Permits for industrial uses and food establishments.
  • Reviews self-monitoring reports and evaluates data.
  • Prepares and submits required federal and state reports.
  • Maintains the industrial user database.
  • Manages the industrial pretreatment program budget.
  • Applies user rates as needed for permitting and user strength classification system.
  • Renews and administers the Multi-Sector General Permit; submits notice of intent to renew; implements and revises the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan; performs related monitoring and inspections; maintains records.
  • Supervises laboratory operations; schedules and develops laboratory programs; reviews and validates laboratory data; prepares forms; schedules maintenance; manages laboratory budget; ensures compliance with regulations.
  • Schedules and performs sampling for Sludge Quality Control certification; inputs sampling data; submits reports; maintains records.
  • Renews and administers the NPDES permit; submits notice of intent to renew; ensures compliance with relevant regulations; reviews data.
  • Purchases quality assurance quality control samples; schedules analyses; reports results to provider; completes required reports.
  • Maintains the hazardous waste room in a safe and orderly fashion; ensures compliance with regulations; makes hazardous waste determinations; ensures the proper labeling of containers; tracks universal wastes and schedules shipments.
  • Coordinates Whole Effluent Toxicity testing; schedules bottle orders and pickup; reviews reports for compliance.
  • Reviews processes control data and makes process control decisions; recommends major process control changes; calculates desired process control rates.
  • Operates and maintains pump stations.
  • Participates in the on call reclamation facility rotation duty for afterhours and weekends.
  • Performs related duties.

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Town of Hanover
Close Date: 
Sunday, March 31, 2024
$72,000 - $88,000