Grants Management



The purpose of this RFP is to seek qualified individuals or firms interested in assisting Grafton County with its community growth, planning and economic development needs with appropriate grant and project management efforts.  

The County is soliciting proposals from firms or individuals with relevant experience in grant management to perform the Scope of Services as outlined in this Request. 

Grafton County is requesting proposals from qualified firms to assist with applications, implementation, management, oversight and closing of grants; handling Federal, State and charitable foundation requirements.  Qualified firm must be able to work under strict rules and regulations, pulling information together, applying for and monitoring grants, donations, and projects, assessing, prioritizing, processing and overseeing grants from beginning to end.


Grafton County is currently experiencing significant growth with the development of several major initiatives that are funded with a variety of outside sources including federal, state and private charitable organizations.  It is the intent of this RFP to engage a firm to assist and support this growth and to pay a lump sum/fixed fee/hourly contract to the selected proposer.  The selected firm will work closely with the County Manager, Finance Director, public and staff to implement the requirements of the grants, donations and other projects.  We anticipate the initial term of this contract to be 3 years with opportunity for renewal. 

Scope of Services:

The scope of services is expected to manage grants/projects on the County’s behalf and must prepare and provide all the work and documentation, implement projects, manage ads, vendors, contractors, and other items as required by the grants or donations. The following tasks are required:

  1. Grant Writing and research.  Prepare and provide all the work and documentation needed to submit grant applications.
  2. Grant Management and Invoice Processing. 
    1. Establish a financial management system acceptable for the funding of each grant which includes the review of invoices for accuracy, completeness and reasonableness, 
    2. Preparation of invoices with correct funding source and account code for submittal to finance director for payment,
    3. Prepare and submit financial reports and reimbursement requests to the funder. 
    4. Prepare and submit narrative reports to the funder,
    5. Maintain adequate records of disbursement and receipt of grant funds in a manner acceptable to Finance Director,
    6. Prepare and submit closeout and final documentation for grant, 
    7. Prepare binder with hard copies of all documentation on an ongoing basis and make available for audit, 
    8. Assist the County with and attend any monitoring visits by funding agencies and prepare County response to any findings.
  3. Project and Grant Coordination.  Understand and document grant’s eligible use and match requirements. 
    1. Develop request for proposals / qualifications, place ad in the local newspaper, answer questions from respondents, review responses and make recommendation to County,
    2.  Develop contract for professional services which comply with state and federal regulations for County signature,
    3. Monitor contracts for grant compliance and maximization of match including eligible use, ensure provisions of contract are met and monitor grant period including start and end dates including all environmental review reports as applicable,
    4. Serve as the County’s designated Labor Compliance Officer and ensure compliance with all applicable labor standards as required by the grant,   
    5. Provide weekly progress report on status of each grant / project,
    6. Establish master schedule with benchmarks for project (design, permits, ROW, bid, construction),
    7. Highlight critical points / decision necessary to keep project progressing,
    8. Coordinate all project activity and monitor project development.
  4. Design Phase. 
    1. Coordinate with engineer and County for any required approvals or permits including ROW or property,
    2. Obtain funder approvals as required,
    3. Facilitate public informational meetings.
  5. Construction Phase.
    1. Support the engineer and County with the development of bid packages, bid opening, notice of award, notice to proceed, construction contract,
    2. Provide regular public notification on project status (newspaper, website, email) and respond to citizen inquiries or complaints,
    3. Facilitate regular project meetings (weekly/monthly) with owner, engineer, contractor and funder,
    4. Process change orders that are initiated by the engineer for County and funder approvals
    5. At project completion verify record drawings have been completed, final inspection and punch list have been agreed to by County and engineer and final acceptance terms have been agreed upon.


All respondents must have demonstrated experience with state and federal grant programs and private foundations with a thorough understanding of grant requirements and documentation process and procedures with the ability to work with the public and under strict rules and regulations.   


Deliverables include but are not limited to: (all deliverables should be maintained in hard copy format in the County’s files)

●       All Requests for Proposals (RFP) and Requests for Qualifications (RFQ), or other applicable procurement documents as needed for projects and services.

●       All Contracts for services and projects, as outlined and in accordance with regulations or grant requirements.

●       Financial Management records for disbursement and receipt of funds.

●       Environmental exemptions, exclusions and assessments as each project requires.

●       All permits, right-of-ways, acquisitions, etc. as may be required for the implementation and completion of each project, as outlined by the Uniform Relocation Act (URA).

●       Plans & specifications as required for each project.

●       File documentation for each activity consistent with or as required by the grant.

●       All Invoices, other documentation, Request for Payment Documents are to be submitted as required in the grant on a monthly basis.

●       Close-out Reports for each project.

●       Participate in Commission, Public and staff meetings as requested.

Required Proposal Components:

Organizational Background

Proposals shall include a description of the applicant’s ability to meet the requirements of this RFP, a description of prior experience in relevant areas, resume of all staff involved in the proposed work and any subcontractors. 

Project Approach

The plan of action for accomplishing the tasks outlined in the scope of services including staff assigned and number of hours allocated to each task. Include any recommendation for amending proposed Scope of Work.


Proposals shall include a budget for performing the Scope of Services.


A timeline for the project showing each task shall be included.  We anticipate the project to last 3 years.


Please supply three references that can speak to your quality of work, including telephone numbers.

Grafton County reserves the right to select and negotiate with any qualified respondent whose capabilities, experience and approach are considered by the County to be in the best interests of the project.  The County reserves the right to reject any proposal, cancel any contract and pursue and legal remedies deemed necessary if it becomes aware of a violation of any laws on the part of the Bidder. The County is an equal opportunity/affirmative action agency.  All qualified proposals will receive consideration without regard to race, color, creed, age, sex, or national origin.  Proposals will be taken under advisement by the County in terms of which is most responsive to the organization’s needs.  The award of contract will be contingent on FY 2022 funding being approved for this purpose.

Proposal must arrive at Grafton County c/o Andrew Dorsett by 3:00 pm on Friday June 25, 2021.  Applicants submitting proposals by mail should allow adequate time to ensure receipt of their proposal by the deadline.  Proposal may be submitted via e-mail. Proposals received after 3:00 pm on Friday June 25, 2021, will not be considered. 

Please submit original proposal to – Andrew Dorsett 3855 Dartmouth College Hwy, N. Haverhill, NH 03774 or email

Questions should be addressed to Andrew Dorsett at



Grafton County
Request for Proposal
Close Date: 
Friday, June 25, 2021