Dispatcher (Airport)


Dispatcher (Airport) (Open Positions: 1)

Department: Aviation
Job Status: Full-Time
Hour Per Week: 40
Rate of Pay: Pay Range $19.86 - $25.93/hr - plus comprehensive benefits package
Status: Open until filled
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 Job Description

Grade 14

General Statement of Duties

Serves as centralized communications agent involving Airport and tenant operations, public safety, emergency response, and public information; performs directly related work as required.

Examples of Essential Work

  • Processes requests for emergency assistance from 911, air traffic emergency phone, conventional telephone lines, radio frequencies, and emergency call boxes:
  • Monitors CCTV and reports suspicious activity;
  • Monitors panic alarms from garage/airport administration/security checkpoints and dispatches appropriate personnel;
  • Monitor Airport Emergency Crash Phone System Status.  Quickly interpret and record information given by the Air Traffic Control Tower or MHT Airport Fire Department about impending aircraft emergencies and make radio and phone notifications to all responding units or agencies;
  • Initiates alert tones for emergency operations;
  • Alerts airport management of emergency activities;
  • Alerts airport management and tenants of emergency activities and weather related situations:
  • Evaluate, prioritize, and route emergency and non-emergency calls to appropriate personnel to provide pertinent information at all times;
  • Requests and transmits information from other City departments or outside agencies as needed by Law Enforcement, Fire and Airport personnel;
  • Receives and directs trouble reports from tenants and employees to the appropriate department.  Provides receipt and final resolution;
  • Receives and directs tenant and public comments;
  • Receives and logs emergency information using computer aided dispatch (CAD) in multiple locations and maintains information for units who responded to incidents for their report writing purposes;
  • Provides information gathered from investigating data and media from several Departmental and intra-Departments sources for follow-up by airport management;
  • Receives call out information from airport employees and notifies the appropriate supervisor;
  • Monitors weather and alerts proper personnel of any incoming emergency situation, including tornadoes, snow conditions, electrical storms, floods and related;
  • Receives tenant requests for snow removal;
  • Monitors security alarms and dispatches airport law enforcement;
  • Monitors fire alarm system and dispatches airport fire;
  • Maintains a current map of airport layout and surrounding areas and is responsible for memorizing changes;
  • Dispatches appropriate personnel to security gates for vehicle inspections;
  • Receives complaints, questions, comments and inquiries from the public, and provides information or refers callers to the appropriate party;
  • Responds to citizens questions and comments in a courteous and timely manner;
  • Provides direction and assistance to the public, including communications with local agencies, and handles emergency situations dealing with emotional, injured, victimized and irate persons;
  • Provides information to tenants and visitors;
  • Directs customer and news media questions about specific airport or airline operations to the appropriate airline or airport representative;
  • Runs license/registration checks;
  • Runs name checks against security files;
  • Supports security functions including performing background checks, finger printing, issuing temporary badges, badge renewals, receiving and removing access from terminated/expired badges and issuance of AOA driver permits;  
  • Conducts weekly pager tests and maintains Airport Personnel Telecommunication Paging System for emergency notifications;
  • Use security system to check validity of security badges, and provide other data and  pertinent information to requesting personnel;
  • Answers courtesy phone during non-business hours;
  • Acts as a repository for lost and found items;
  • Performs airport paging;
  • Performs parking validation;
  • Maintains a vehicle tow log;
  • Reviews and maintains C*Cure Security System configurations, assets and monitors security alarms;
  • Communicates with and makes notifications to outside agencies as necessary, including, federal, state,  local, and other city departments.;
  • Prepares correspondence, reports, lists and other documents on computer; Maintains copies of Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) and Airfield Advisory reports received from Airport Operations to distribute, if necessary, to airline flight crews, airline operations and airport tenants;
  • Operates radio consoles, telephones, facsimile machines, switchboards, computer and other related systems and equipment;
  • Completes and maintains reports and records; and more.

Acceptable Experience and Training

  • Graduation from High School or possession of a GED; and
  • Some experience in a related field, e.g., Law Enforcement/Emergency Services Dispatcher, Communications, Airport/Airline operations; or
  • Any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to perform the work.

Required Special Qualifications

  • On-call status
  • Pass a criminal background check and receive an airport I.D. badge
  • Certification as a Public Safety Dispatcher, and/or equivalent certifications as may be required, must be obtained within one year of hire.
  • Maintain DHS/TSA Trusted Agent Status for Airport Security Vital Information Records.
  • Successfully complete and maintain training to effectively serve as temporary Airport Security Specialist when needed.
City of Manchester
Close Date: 
Friday, July 26, 2024
$19.86 - $25.93/hr - plus comprehensive benefits package