Clerk & Collector Office Assistant

Job Summary

The person in this position is responsible for assisting in the Town Clerk/Tax Collector Office in the day to day operations of the office and providing citizens with accurate and vital information as well as an accurate accounting of revenues collected.  This is a part time position with a minimum of nine hours a week to a maximum of twelve, with no overtime or benefits. Salary is commensurate with experience.

Supervision Received

This Office Assistant reports to the Town Administrator and is supervised by the Town Clerk/Tax Collector.

Examples of Essential Duties

Assist the Town Clerk/Tax Collector & Deputy as custodian of town records, minutes, vital statistics and other documents in need of safe-keeping or of historical value.

Assist with election duties including, but not limited to accepting registration of voters, delivery and receipt of absentee ballots while dealing with complex UOCAVA federal voting guidelines for overseas citizens and military applicants.

Assist in the collection of motor vehicle registrations, title applications, dog licenses, marriage licenses and certified copies of vital statistics.

Assist with collection of all operations such as property taxes, redemptions, water/sewer bills, yield taxes, current use change taxes, dog fines, etc. as per state statutes.

Assist with the collection of various licenses and fees as agreed upon between the Town Clerk/Tax Collector and Town Administrator.  Examples include building permits, police and recycling center revenues, photo copies, monies received from the state, etc.

Work closely with taxpayers, giving assistance and advice on a variety of matters while maintaining a friendly service-oriented atmosphere.

Assist with the daily, weekly and monthly cash reconciliation procedures including bank deposits and reports to the Treasurer and Finance Officer.

Other duties as may be required by the Town Clerk/Tax Collector, the Deputy Clerk/Collector and the Town Administrator.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

This position requires the ability to plan and organize.  The ability to read, interpret and follow technicalities and specifics of law, as well as the ability to speak, write and communicate effectively using correct spelling, grammar and punctuation is important.  Knowledge of accounting principles and procedures and the ability to write financial reports is needed.  The ability to type accurately, be computer literate, use a calculator and copy machine is required.  The ability to work well with the public under sometimes hectic and stressful situations while maintaining courtesy is critical.  It is necessary to become familiar with the Tax Collector’s Law Book, Town Clerk’s Manual, Vital Statistics Handbook, Election Law Book, Computer Manual, Motor Vehicle and Title Handbooks. State training is required if not previously completed.

Minimum Qualifications Required

A business-oriented education with an emphasis on accounting, or a combination of education and experience, is desired.

Town of Wilton
Close Date: 
Friday, October 16, 2020
Commensurate with experience