New Hampshire School Administrators and Teachers Embrace New Technologies

It seems like only a year or two ago that my school board engaged in heated discussions about banning cell phones, iPods and other electronic gizmos from school. We talked for hours about cyberbullying and cheating versus the needs of parents to arrange for rides to sports and activities, emergency uses and more. We tried to establish limits: use in cafeterias or buses only, or limiting the hours of use to before or after school. We had the superintendent bring us policies and we wrangled on into the night and from meeting to meeting.

Windham High School Leads the Way in Classroom Technology

Wow. That’s the first word that comes to mind after my visit to the new Windham High School. Last month’s column on changing technology prompted an alert reader to suggest I pay a visit to this 21st century school to see how technology is already being implemented in a big way.

Slips, Trips and Falls in the School Setting

Most of us don’t consider walking—something we do nearly every day of our lives—to be hazardous. Yet, that simple act results in a significant number of slip, trip and fall injuries in our schools each year.

At times, a slip, trip or fall may result in only a minor injury that brings temporary discomfort. However, some of these accidents cause extensive injuries which drastically impact the employee—not only physically but socially and economically, too.

Hiring an Interim Principal

Have you ever been the last domino in the hiring process? It works something like this: School A advertises for a principal. School B’s principal applies and gets the job. School B advertises and takes an assistant principal from school C. You are school C, and it’s August 25. What to do?

Claremont Church Serves Daily Breakfast to Students in Need

It’s just after 6:00 a.m. in Claremont, New Hampshire. Most of the downtown buildings are still dark, but the full moon shining on the snow helps to illuminate the way as I approach the Trinity Episcopal Church on Broad Street. Here, the lights are on and the smell of bacon wafts from the exhaust vent. I venture inside to learn about the church’s Student Breakfast Program.