From Referee to Official Ballot Referendum: My Time Behind the Podium

I have been a moderator for over 25 years. I have also been a soccer referee and a softball umpire. They are not so different: There are generally two opposing sides hoping to win the day; I still need my stopwatch; and, sometimes, I even need to step in and “break it up.” And, in each case, there is a set of rules that govern, and fair play and good sportsmanship are important.

Transitioning to SB 2 Form of Town Meeting

If your town has elected to change to the SB2 form of town meeting, this article will provide an overview of mandatory deadlines for the selectboard and budget committee; provide timelines for collective bargaining agreements and bonding warrant articles; describe the deliberative session and what can and cannot be done at the deliberative session; explain what actions can be taken after the deliberative session; and describe how to prepare the ballot for town meeting election day.

Q: How many town meetings will we now have?