risk management

The Risk Pool Advantage

It has been called the single most successful example of interlocal cooperation. It has saved millions of taxpayer dollars and thousands of lives. It is a model that has been copied by such public sector businesses as auto dealers, golf course owners, the hospitality industry and more. It is being talked about by Congress and the President as a potential solution to the health care crisis.

What is “It?” “It” is risk pooling: towns, cities and schools working together cooperatively to pool insurance coverage dollars and create their own “insurance” company.

The Car Control Program: Providing Skills and Training to School and Municipal Drivers

Two officers responding to the same call arrive at the same intersection from different directions at the same time. A crash seems inevitable, even to them. The crash never happens.

The town assessor is downtown on a rainy Saturday morning with her husband, who drives a truck. She backs the Yukon into the parallel parking spot right in front of the store.

Creating a Healthy School Environment: It’s Elementary

For staff and students at the Lamprey River Elementary School, the past two years have proven that change is possible. The kindergarten through grade five school in Raymond is one of two pilot schools in New Hampshire (the other is the Mildred Lakeway Elementary School in Littleton) provided a Healthy Schools Grant by the New Hampshire Partners for Healthy Schools (NHPHS) to improve both indoor air quality and the environment. One result of their program participation was being selected by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to receive its 2009 Tools for Schools Leadership Award.

Special Events: Whose Party Is This, Anyway?

As local officials, we are often asked for permission to use public facilities. This may involve indoor events, such as an anniversary party in the town hall, or an educational talk in the library, or an evening of training at the fire department. Outdoor events may involve use of sports or recreational facilities for adult league play, or a summer road race on local roads, a soccer or tennis camp operated by a private vendor on a public facility, or outdoor concerts at a local park. Most of these requests are routinely granted, because they add to the quality of community life.

Life and Disability Coverage: How They Can Benefit Your Employees

Life, short-term disability (STD) and long-term disability (LTD) benefits may seemingly play a small role in a human resources department’s overview of employer perks. That’s generally due to an employee’s greater interest in salary and medical coverage—and the budget impact they command. However, these three coverage offerings are something to consider closely when trying to attract new hires and retain employees through a well-rounded benefits package.

Important Responsibilities

Life, STD and LTD benefits bear the following important responsibilities:

Slips, Trips and Falls in the School Setting

Most of us don’t consider walking—something we do nearly every day of our lives—to be hazardous. Yet, that simple act results in a significant number of slip, trip and fall injuries in our schools each year.

At times, a slip, trip or fall may result in only a minor injury that brings temporary discomfort. However, some of these accidents cause extensive injuries which drastically impact the employee—not only physically but socially and economically, too.

Safe Swimming Beaches Provide Reduced Risks and Increased Enjoyment

It only takes a second for someone to drown. This is a thought that is most likely on the mind of each and every waterfront director and/or beach manager as we approach the swimming season.

Playground Supervision: A Big Responsibility

School is out, and summer camp is in. Many of our towns and schools are hosting summer camps at their local facilities. A focal point of the day is the playground.

Taking Risks

Children love playgrounds. Playgrounds provide an opportunity for youngsters to explore and take risks, which assists in their physical, emotional and psychological development. Due to this exploration and risk taking, there is an expectation that injuries will occur on playgrounds.

TULIP Program Starts to Bloom by Helping Members Provide Special Events Coverage

New Hampshire Local Government Center’s Property-Liability Trust (PLT), which provides property and liability coverage to municipalities, schools, counties and various political subdivisions of the State of New Hampshire, has had a successful first year of sponsoring a Tenant Users Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP) program for individuals or clubs needing coverage for private events on public property.

Liability Involving Special Events

Finally, winter is over. Soon we will move outdoors, and local organizations and municipalities will be scheduling and holding “special events" such as sports tournaments, parades, road races and fairs. Families and groups will ask permission to use public areas for weddings, graduation parties and reunions. While these events help to make our communities great places to live, they also involve elements of risk that should be managed to keep participants as safe as possible, and avoid incidents that could mean liability for the municipality.