Regionalization of Public Health in New Hampshire: Part I

“What rumors have you heard about public health regionalization?" asked New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Division of Public Health Services’ (DPHS) Joan Ascheim of the near 80 municipal health officers attending a May 22 training sponsored by the New Hampshire Health Officers Association, an affiliate group of New Hampshire Local Government Center (LGC). Responses ranged from “the State wants to move to county-based health departments" and “local health officers won’t be around any longer" to “it’s going to cost cities and towns more," among others.

Tri-Town Assessing: An Innovative Intergovernmental Agreement

One very effective statutory provision in terms of operational efficiencies is the authority granted under RSA 53-A allowing municipalities to enter into intergovernmental agreements.

Satisfaction and Savings: Private Contracting in New Hampshire

New Hampshire citizens have come to rely on local governments for a wide variety of services, both seasonally and year-round. At the same time, these citizens are ever mindful of the costs of these services.