NHARPC CORNER: Regional Planning Commissions (RPCs) and Recreation Planning

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The primary role of a Regional Planning Commission (RPC) is to support local municipalities in their planning and community development responsibilities. This is done in a variety of ways such as:

Trails for Wildlife and People

Trails for People and Wildlife is a mapping tool and guide for planning recreational trails that enables people to get out and enjoy nature while also allowing wildlife to thrive. Intended for landowners, planners, trail builders and conservation groups, the objective of Trails for People and Wildlife is to help facilitate the placement of thoughtfully located networks of well-maintained trails that help people get outside while minimizing wildlife disturbance.

Financing Public Recreation Services

One of the important public services provided by several municipalities in New Hampshire is an organized recreation program. Different recreational programs may be provided to residents of all ages. Recreation programs can vary in requirements.  Some may require significant investments in facilities and equipment, while others may require staff to administer or provide the program, and yet others may just involve the dedication of public property for individual leisure, such as with parks.


Recreation Programs and the ADA

Recreation programs are an important piece of the services municipalities offer.  During summer, they may include swimming programs and sports.  During the school year, there may be programs for before and after school.  In any of those cases, a municipality may have special obligations to accommodate children (and adults, for that matter) with special needs under the ADA.


The Power of Parks and Recreation in Building Strong NH Communities

“The Recreation and Parks sector is literally and figuratively the heart of any community, it pumps the life-giving blood through any region, touching in a meaningful way, every citizen.” – Ian Hill, Business Leader/Humanitarian


The Benefits of Parks and Recreation

Imagine a NH town or city without parks and recreation opportunities – is it a community or simply a place to live?


Lifeguards, Beaches and Pools: How to Ensure Your Summer Services are Successful

By Kerry Horne

The pools are all drained, the lakes are frozen and most of us are longing for the warm, lazy days of summer. If you are a recreation director or a pool or water front supervisor, you are probably knee deep in updating your aquatic policies, rules and regulations as well as hiring lifeguards to gear up for another busy swimming season.

Understanding the Recreation Revolving Fund

By Paul Sanderson 

Safe Swimming Beaches Provide Reduced Risks and Increased Enjoyment

It only takes a second for someone to drown. This is a thought that is most likely on the mind of each and every waterfront director and/or beach manager as we approach the swimming season.

Playground Supervision: A Big Responsibility

School is out, and summer camp is in. Many of our towns and schools are hosting summer camps at their local facilities. A focal point of the day is the playground.

Taking Risks

Children love playgrounds. Playgrounds provide an opportunity for youngsters to explore and take risks, which assists in their physical, emotional and psychological development. Due to this exploration and risk taking, there is an expectation that injuries will occur on playgrounds.

Is Your Aquatics Staff Ready to Handle a Summer Emergency?

Summer is right around the corner! As a pool, beach or recreation director, you are probably knee deep in hiring lifeguards, pool attendants and other staff members who will serve your community this summer. While preparing for the season ahead, make sure you take time to update your policies and procedures as well as your Aquatics Emergency Action Plan (EAP).