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Supervisors of the Checklist Gear Up for Election Season

The supervisors of the checklist perform an important function within the towns and cities they serve. With careful consideration of each voter registration form that is submitted to them, allowing only those who are qualified to vote onto the checklist, the supervisors help to assure the integrity of the election process in our municipalities.

Town Meeting Warrant Articles

By. Paul G. Sanderson, Esq.

Adjusting Your View of Lot Line Adjustments

Q. What is a lot line adjustment?
A. The boundary line dividing two parcels of land may, from time to time, be moved in its location. Such a move is typically made by agreement between the owners of the parcels. The owners may desire to straighten out a “jog” in the property line or may wish to exchange acreage so that both lots are more useful in shape and/or size to the respective owners. Change in the location of the boundary line effectively creates two “new” parcels or lots with new dimensions.

Petitioned Warrant Articles

The special status of petitioned warrant articles always raises questions during town meeting season, and some myths have developed about the sanctity of petitioned articles. Let’s take a look at some of the issues involving petitioned warrant articles and put some of the urban (rural?) legends to rest.

The Powers and Duties of Library Trustees

The statute relating to public libraries, RSA 202-A:1, begins with a declaration of policy: