group purchasing

MHEC - An Extension of Your Purchasing Department

The Massachusetts Higher Education Purchasing Consortium (“MHEC”), a not-for-profit, regional group purchasing organization, was formed to provide efficiencies and cost savings to its members. MHEC removes the complex process of going to bid, making sourcing products and services simple, and works as an extension of your purchasing department. Please join MHEC’s Business Development Manager, Janet Garabedian as she reviews their recently launched online “i-buy marketplace” that makes searching, requesting quotes, and buying products as simple as point and click.

Survival Through Regionalization: Effective Models for Intergovernmental Cooperation and Group Purchasing

All local governments want to save time and money in the procurement of goods and the provision of public services. How this is achieved varies from one municipality, county and school district to another. Regionalization, whereby two or more units of government work together to solve problems and seek common solutions, is clearly gaining in importance across New Hampshire as a successful approach for governmental efficiency. The term “regionalization” is also commonly referred to as inter-municipal, inter-local, or inter-governmental sharing arrangements or agreements.