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HR REPORT: Show Me the Money: Vaccination Incentive Policies

Workplace morale, political concerns, the emergency use authorization – these reasons, among others, are why many public employers are not presently mandating the COVID-19 vaccine.  Nonetheless, and especially in light of the recent CDC guidance stating that vaccinated individuals can be indoors without masking or social distancing (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/fully-vaccinated.html), employers are looking to maximize the number

Collective Bargaining and the Zen of Lawn Maintenance

About 10 years ago, I moved into a brand new subdivision. I am one of the few homeowners who did not install a sod lawn. Instead, I nurtured my lawn, helped it through the ravages of drought, voles, grubs and a failed septic tank. While it may not be environmentally correct to say so, I am proud of my lawn. It’s far from perfect, but it does reflect the time and effort that I have put into it. Its appearance also helps justify to my legislative body (my wife) the expenditure of family funds on seed, fertilizer, tools, etc.