HR REPORT: NHMA Employment Law Hotline: Question and Answer Series

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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Workplace Possibilities

The City of Colorado Springs has been actively working in the field of equity, diversity and inclusion for many years, and recently, like many other cities, has made a commitment to continue to enhance its efforts in the field. Under the current leadership of Mayor John Suthers and Chief of Staff Jeff Greene, the City of Colorado Springs has not only made equity, diversity and inclusion a priority for the organization, but it has also made it an integrated business practice.

HR REPORT: Communicating with Unionized Employees During Negotiations and the Impact of Appeal of State of New Hampshire

Under the Public Employees Labor Relations Act (PELRA), employers are required to negotiate in good faith with the union selected by employees to represent a bargaining unit.  Negotiations are expected to be made across the bargaining table between employer and union representatives, each of whom are selected solely by their own side.  This process can at times be frustrating, particularly when an employer believes that a union negotiating team is keeping bargaining unit members in the dark or misinforming them about the employer’s proposals.  Employers who attempt to educate

LEGAL Q&A: Municipal Official vs Municipal Employee: What is the Difference & Does it Matter for Compensation & Personnel Policies?

At its core, the purpose of electing officials is to allow the voters to hold those they elect accountable for their actions while in office. If the voters do not like the job the elected representative is doing, they can choose to vote for someone else in the next election. If the voters are generally satisfied with the job performed, they will, presumably, reelect the incumbent.

It's All About the People: Obtain & Retain the Ideal Team

New Hampshire is unique, and we like it that way. Our municipalities run on the commitment and dedication of two major groups: employees and volunteers. These individuals come from varied backgrounds and give to the community in so many ways, from those who fundraise or donate time to staff a table at an event, to those who serve on boards and committees, to town managers, administrative assistants, and road agents.