The Role of Municipalities in Preventing Childhood Lead Exposures

It is well known that lead is highly toxic and harmful to people, especially children. Unfortunately, because of its aging housing stock, New Hampshire is experiencing childhood lead poisoning at a rate nearly twice the national average. Among the several hundred documented cases of lead poisoning each year in the Granite State, it is estimated that a significant number of children are poisoned as a result of unsafe renovation, repair, or painting activities. While the U.S.

Voter Registration Law Changes: Senate Bill 3

Senate Bill 3 has introduced significant voter registration changes that must be implemented by local election officials.  The law became effective on September 17, 2017 and provides additional procedures for voter registration.  Through SB 3 the legislature has changed the definition of domicile by requiring that everyone seeking to register to vote must present documentary evidence of "a verifiable act or acts carrying out" their intent to be domiciled in New Hampshire. 

Voter Registration Before SB 3