climate adaptation

Are You Aware of the Low-Income Drought Assistance Program

Are you aware of the Low-Income Drought Assistance Program (DAP) created by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) to assist eligible low-income homeowners with their need for an immediate reliable water supply and to improve the resiliency of their drinking water against future threats of drought? The program provides financial assistance to meet these residents’ essential needs, keep them in their homes and reduce stress on local financial aid programs.

Planning for the "New Normal" Local, State and Federal Governments All Play a Role in Climate Adaptation Planning

On October 28, 2013, the Town of Durham and the Strafford Regional Planning Commission (SRPC) organized a well-attended meeting at Durham’s new public library to engage the broader community in local climate adaptation planning.  The forum, which coincided with Hurricane Sandy’s anniversary, was designed for volunteer boards, business owners, neighboring communities, and residents interested in understanding the potential impacts of climate change and hearing more about the recently completed Climate Adaptation Chapter of Durham’s Hazard Mitigation Plan.