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NHMA publishes an array of educational and informational materials to support New Hampshire local officials. Many of our publications are used as resource material for our educational workshops. Publications are available for purchase in electronic (pdf) download form with our more popular materials also available in hard copy. NHMA members receive discounted pricing on all publications. Please note that membership status will be verified for all publication transactions.

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Town and City Magazine

New Hampshire Town and City magazine provides municipalities with timely information on legal issues and topics of interest, as well as upcoming NHMA programs and services.

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NewsLink is an electronic newsletter distributed every two weeks to approximately 3,300 municipal officials, state agencies, associate and affiliate group members and other interested parties. NewsLink is the "go-to" source for New Hampshire municipal information. Should you have any events, suggestions or submissions that would be helpful to NHMA members, please submit to

If you would like to subscribe to NewsLink, please send a request to

Surveys and Data

New Hampshire Municipal Officials Directory Survey

This annual survey is conducted in the spring following town meeting, and the resulting data is published each summer in the New Hampshire Municipal Officials Directory. NHMA Member municipalities receive one complimentary copy. The New Hampshire Municipal Officials Directory is also available for purchase; visit the NHMA Shop for more information. Municipalities are encouraged to send updates by email as they occur during the year.

Wage, Salary and Benefits Survey

Based on the 2013 Services Plan developed and adopted by NHMA Board and Staff, the Wage, Salary and Benefits Survey (“Salary Survey”) is now a biennial electronic publication. It was determined that the information contained in the Salary Survey was stable and reliable enough to warrant the gathering and compilation of that information – a very large undertaking – every two years, rather than annually. The Managers Listserv periodically contains requests for information about the compensation for specific positions and provides a means to get the latest information. When the 2012 Salary Survey was issued, it was available only as a download, with one free download for NHMA members and additional downloads available for purchase. In order to help with the transition to a biennial Salary Survey, we have made the 2012 Survey download available at no charge for members through the NHMA Shop.

SB 2 at 15: Trends in Official Ballot Voting and Deliberative Session Attendance

The Official Ballot Referendum form of town meeting, commonly known as SB 2 (RSA 40:13), marked its fifteenth year of existence in 2012. Approved by the legislature in 1995, adopted in 30 municipalities in 1996, and put into practice for the first time in 1997, SB 2 is now in place in more than 60 New Hampshire towns. In the spring of 2012 Researcher Chris Porter conducted a study of voter participation in 27 SB 2 town deliberative sessions and election/voting days. View the SB 2 at 15 trends report.

Regionalization and Cooperative Agreements

NHMA surveyed municipalities in spring 2010 to gain an increased understanding of the variety of regional/cooperative arrangements in existence and under consideration. The three key areas of investigation were: shared positions/programs/functions; shared facilities/equipment; and cooperative purchase agreements. Preliminary survey findings were published in the July/August 2010 issue of New Hampshire Town and City magazine. Survey respondents were contacted in fall 2011 and asked to report on any new or changed agreements; a follow up report was published in the January 2012 issue of New Hampshire Town and City.

New Hampshire Town and City Reader Survey

Nearly 500 readers of New Hampshire Town and City magazine participated in a spring 2010 subscriber survey. Results indicated 80 percent of respondents save each copy for a few months or more, and 47 percent of respondents share their copy with at least one other person. Overall feedback was very positive, and the majority of respondents are pleased with the current publication schedule. Findings were published in the May 2010 issue of New Hampshire Town and City magazine.

Perambulation Survey

This survey was conducted over several weeks in early summer 2010 to gauge awareness of RSA Chapter 51 regarding perambulation—or walking—of municipal boundaries every seven years. The study’s areas of investigation included: level of familiarity with the RSAs; municipal officials charged with perambulation; record-keeping practices; boundaries walked and not walked in the past seven years; and impediments to regular perambulation. You can review the survey results or read the series of perambulation articles published in the November/December 2010 issue of New Hampshire Town and City magazine.

Important Date Calendars

Calendars are available for March and May traditional meetings and March, April and May SB2 meetings, as well as a general calendar. Download your 2018 Important Dates calendar now.


NHMA classifieds include items that have been submitted for posting by NHMA members, municipal leagues and municipalities across the country.

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NHMA posts classified ads on our Website at no cost to members. NHMA Members are encouraged to login and submit your ad through our Manage Ads tool. Web postings are updated on a regular basis.

Non-members are welcome to submit ads by email for a nominal fee. Questions? Call 603.224.7447, ext. 3408.

Municipal Directory and Municipal Websites

To look up website links, contact information and hours of operation for municipalities, use the alphabetical guide below to locate the municipality and then click on its name for the details.

Product and Service Directory

The Products and Services Directory is a compilation of business that advertised in the current edition of NHMA's New Hampshire Municipal Officials Directory publication. The resources on this page are intended to provide NHMA members with a comprehensive, one-stop listing of municipal services. Please note that inclusion in this list does not in any way serve as an endorsement by NHMA.

Please select a category below:

Architects/Space Planning
Attorneys/Legal Services
Auctioneering Services
Building Maintenance
Codes and Ordinances
Computer Services/Equipment
Computer Software
Construction Equipment/Maintenance
Employee Benefits
Engineers/Engineering Services
Financial Services
General Government/Administration
Healthcare/Employee Wellness
Mapping/GIS Services
Office Supplies/Equipment
Planning and Economic Development
Public Works Services/Equipment
Recycling/Solid Waste
Website Services

Advertising Opportunities

NHMA has several opportunities available to our local businesses to reach municipal officials throughout the year. Below you will find information regarding our Directory and Town and City Magazine. The NHMA Annual Conference in November is another great way for local businesses to interact with NHMA members. Please visit our NHMA Annual Conference page for details on sponsorship and exhibit space.

Municipal Officials Directory Advertising

Time to submit advertising contracts for the 2017-2018 New Hampshire Municipal Officials Directory!

This spiral-bound Directory is published each year as a resource for cities, towns and other local governments and includes the name, position title, mailing address, telephone number and email for local officials, along with office hours, website and other general information for each of the 13 cities and 221 towns throughout the state. The Directory also contains listings for each of the 10 counties and nine regional planning commissions as well as population figures provided by the state Office of Energy and Planning and equalized value figures and property tax data supplied by the state Department of Revenue Administration. We hope to distribute this year’s publication by the end of July timeframe.

All listed cities, towns, village districts and RPCs receive a complimentary copy of the Directory as a benefit of membership with the New Hampshire Municipal Association. This extensive placement ensures advertisers will have exposure to thousands of New Hampshire municipal officials and reach a wide array of potential customers.

NHMA would like to thank past advertisers for their continued support of our publication. It is, in large part, your advertising commitment that allows us to continue producing this quality publication.  To new or prospective advertisers, we would like to thank you for your consideration of this opportunity. We believe that you will find our rates to be reasonable and well-worth the investment.

For advertising information, call Timothy Fortier at 603.226.1305 or contact him at

Town and City Magazine Advertising

New Hampshire Town and City magazine provides local officials and others with timely information on legal issues, legislative issues and topics of interest, as well as upcoming programs and services of the New Hampshire Municipal Association. The magazine is published six times per year.  Download our 2018 Ad Rates, Specifications and Contract here.