NLC REPORT: Micromobility in Cities: A History and Policy Overview

By National League of Cities (NLC)

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The past year has been marked by a race toward micromobility, where bikes and electric scooters provide a new way for residents to move throughout their communities. While there is a great deal of promise with these innovations, the emergence of micromobility comes with its own set of challenges and considerations for planners, residents and local decisionmakers.

At the same time, many communities still have vast surface transportation needs which must be addressed for micromobility to take shape. As federal leaders debate how to fund America’s transportation future, the National League of Cities (NLC) will continue to advocate for federal investments that support the wide variety of local projects that connect communities and grow their economies. To provide local leaders with a comprehensive view of micomobility and the experience of different communities, NLC is proud to release Micromobility in Cities: A History and Policy Overview.

The report provides officials with background information, case studies and recommendations to help them make the right decisions for their communities.  In this report, you will find:

• The history of micromobility

• Case studies from cities across the country

• Recommendations for local leaders

Learn more by downloading NLC’s new report, Micromobility in Cities: A History and Policy Overview, at