Committees Complete Work on 2017-2018 Legislative Policy Recommendations

NHMA’s three policy committees worked hard this spring to develop policy recommendations for the membership to consider in the 2017-2018 Legislative Policy Process. These committees were composed of 53 elected and appointed officials and representatives of NHMA affiliate groups from 49 different NHMA-member communities in each of the ten counties. There were 33 new member proposals for review and consideration this year.

Policy recommendations will be debated and voted upon by representatives of NHMA’s 232 member towns and cities at NHMA’s Legislative Policy Conference on the morning of Friday, September 23, 2016, beginning at 9:00 a.m., at NHMA offices located at 25 Triangle Park Drive, Concord. Each NHMA member municipality has one vote regardless of size. Votes are cast by the official representative of each member municipality. A two-thirds vote of those members present and voting is required for approval of any NHMA legislative policy. 

Member municipalities had the opportunity to submit floor policy proposals for consideration at the conference. Each floor policy proposal must be approved by the governing body of the municipality submitting it, but the proposals will not be reviewed or recommended by NHMA’s legislative policy committees. Floor policy proposals will be voted on separately at the conference.

The final 2017-2018 NHMA Legislative Policies will be printed as a supplement in the November/December 2016 issue of Town & City magazine. We will also post them on the NHMA’s web site at

NHMA would like to thank the many member volunteers and board members who gave their time and effort to this important endeavor.

Finance and Revenue Committee

*Donna Nashawaty, Chair, Town Manager, Sunapee

*Elizabeth Dragon, Vice Chair, City Manager, Franklin

Scott Bugbee, Selectman, Lee

*Ben Bynum, Town Clerk/Tax Collector, Canterbury

Jill Collins, Town Administrator, Hinsdale

Dave Fredette, Treasurer/Tax Collector, Nashua

Todd Hayward, Assessing Consultant, Various Municipalities

*Priscilla Hodgkins, Town Clerk/Tax Collector, New Castle

Kristen McAllister, Assessor, Newbury, New London, Sunapee

Betsy McClain, Clerk/Dir. of Admin. Services, Hanover

Tom McCue, Planning Board, Berlin

Jim Michaud, Assessor, Hudson

*Scott Myers, City Manager, Laconia

Dan Ramgopaul, Interim Finance Director, Pelham

Jack Sheehy, Dir. of Financial Operations, Milford

David Swenson, Selectman, New Durham

Pat Tucker, Town Clerk/Tax Collector, Ashland

*Denotes NHMA board member

General Administration and Governance Committee

*Bill Herman, Chair, Town Administrator, Auburn

*Hal Lynde, Vice Chair, Selectman, Pelham

Laura Buono, Town Administrator, Hillsborough

*Butch Burbank, Town Manager, Lincoln

Scott Dunn, Town Administrator, Gilford

*Steve Fournier, Town Administrator, Newmarket

Julie Glover, Town Administrator, Lee

*Pat Long, Alderman, Manchester

Bob Mack, Welfare Director, Nashua

Nancy Marashio, Moderator, Newbury

David McMullen, Chief Assessor, Lebanon

*Shaun Mulholland, Town Administrator, Allenstown

Jim O’Mara, Town Administrator, Amherst

Dennis Pavlicek, Town Administrator, Newbury

*Nancy Rollins, Selectman, New London

*John Scruton, Town Administrator, Barrington

*Eric Stohl, Selectman, Columbia

*Teresa Williams, Town Administrator, Wakefield

*Denotes NHMA board member

Infrastructure, Development and Land Use Committee

*Shelagh Connelly, Chair, Selectman, Holderness

Jane Taylor, Vice Chair, City Solicitor, Claremont

Sheridan Brown, Selectman, Grantham

*Dave Caron, Town Manager, Jaffrey

Bruce Crawford, Planning Board, Boscawen

*Chris Dwyer, Councilor, Portsmouth

David Edkins, Administrator, Charlestown

Ben Frost, Planning Board, Warner

*Jim Maggiore, Selectman, North Hampton

Ross McLeod, Selectman, Windham

Tim Murphy, Exec. Dir., SWRPC

Betsey Patten, Planning Board/Supervisor of Checklist, Bow

Charles Smith, Town Administrator, Sanbornton

Ruth Ward, Planning Board, Stoddard

Bruce Woodruff, Town Planner/ZBA, Moultonborough/Milton

*Denotes NHMA board member