"All Work” Maury Collins Recognized for his Volunteer Service to the Town of Nelson

Gary Robinson

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Should you be traveling along the backroads in Nelson, Hancock or Peterborough where pastures and hayfields abound and see an august gentleman astride a bizarre looking tractor, stop to say hello.

Maury Collins

Maury Collins, inventor and owner of his “WORKALL TRACTOR” always welcomes inquiries, be it about his unique multi-purpose invention, the ups and downs of the weather, directions to local events or just to talk.

Maurice Collins, better known as Maury, raised on a farm in rural New Jersey by Quaker parents is one of those individuals that contribute, by their purity of character, to that enduring culture called “Yankee.” He dresses the part in thrice mended overalls, boots heavily grimed with soil and a crumbled hat of the season. He mows meadows and pasture, cuts, splits and burns ash, oak and maple and raises blueberries on his farm in Nelson, offers help to neighbors and asks little in return.

The “rustic’ Maury has also other qualities that magnify his character and mark his value to the town of Nelson and the region.

Maury leads a generous life of service; service as a selectman for nine years and Welfare Officer in Nelson, current service as a volunteer for Cheshire Village at Home Program in Keene and earlier with Genesis Health Care as a Certified Nurses Assistant also in Keene.

Maury taught high school Special Ed. students for 15 years in Keene and coached the varsity track and cross-country team there at the departure of longtime coach Clarence DeMar. At Crotched Mountain Healthcare he generously assisted in the delivery of goods and services to patients there.

In Nelson, Maury was the Old Home Day Chairperson in the 70s and ran and won the Nelson Marathon five times.  He coordinates special events in Nelson, including the annual Coffeehouse Sing and other musical presentations.

Maury makes it a point to attend every Nelson Town event including Old Home Day, the Old Library functions, the Nelson Congregational Church Ice Cream socials and the

Library Lecture series.  As a member of the Nelson Trails Group, he puts his woodsman’s knowledge to work helping to build and maintain trails.

As a selectman, Maury drew upon his Quaker upbringing to make decisions based upon thoughtful and quiet consideration to the benefit of the town. He advocated for the purchase and development of a sand and gravel pit to supply the road department with materials for generations to come. He assisted in promoting and overseeing the installation of two solar arrays to serve the town.  Maury also reached out to the Keene High School woodworking department to design, construct and deliver a much-needed sexton’s work and storage shed.

The multipurpose “WORKALL” tractor that Maury designed and puts to good work reflects his role in life: restoring ragged pastures as well as tending to folks in need.  He doesn’t stop. Thank you, Maury.

Gary Robinson is the Deputy Health Officer in Nelson and is rightfully a big fan and admirer of Maury Collins. 



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