Using the Attorney General's Polling Place Checklist to Run a Better Election

Broadcast Date: 
Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Join Assistant New Hampshire Attorney General Nicholas Chong Yen and NHMA’s Legal Services Counsel Stephen Buckley who will discuss and review the Attorney General’s Polling Place Checklist.

Learn what are the critical polling place set up and operation requirements that will be inspected when representatives of the Attorney General visit to ensure compliance with New Hampshire’s election laws. The checklist will be used to address political signs, presence of elections officials, voting booths, accessible voting systems, electioneering, voter check-in procedures, absentee balloting, challengers and the voter registration process.

This webinar is open to all NHMA members and will benefit moderators, town clerks, supervisors of the checklist and governing body members who want a refresher course on correct polling place procedures.

Presentation Materials: