Legislative Wrap-up Webinar

Broadcast Date: 
Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Join Executive Director Margaret Byrnes, Government Affairs Counsel Natch Greyes, and Government Finance Advisor Katherine Heck for a review of the highlights from the 2022 legislative session. This will be after the legislative session ends, so except for possible vetoes, all legislative action will be final. This webinar will discuss the most significant bills of municipal interest that made it through the legislature this year, as well as a few that failed but may be back in the future. The discussion will include, among others, municipal lobbying, the Right-to-Know law, the retirement system, short-term rentals and zoning issues, election law matters, and other changes affecting municipal governance and administration.

This webinar is open to NHMA members and is of interest to all municipal officials and employees.

Presentation Materials: