INTERSECT: VHB's Innovative Platform For Developing Traffic Volumes Webinar

Broadcast Date: 
Wednesday, May 19, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the priorities of today’s transportation sector. Municipalities are shuffling their programs just to keep the essential systems and services in use and maintained properly.
Please join Amir Rizavi, Director of Transportation Systems and Steve Anderson, Vice President of Applied Technologies of VHB who will demonstrate their latest technology-driven platform, Intersect, that revolutionizes traffic accounting at urban, suburban, or rural intersections during atypical circumstances, like a pandemic-related lockdown. By leveraging big data and traffic analyses, Intersect can remotely collect information at intersections more efficiently than ever before, without the need for traditional manual or electronic counts in a post-pandemic world as well.
This webinar is open to all NHMA members and will benefit not only road agents, public works and local transportation officials, but also governing body officials who want to better understand how innovations like Intersect can significantly impact workflows within the transportation sector and keep local projects moving forward.

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